Did he just say that?

Shmo’ shme’ shmelly shmay

I miss Barbara.

nickisavage asked: Ten facts about yourself. I was tagged. nd I'm supposed to tag 10 of my favorite followers, but I only love you so. Ten facts.

10 facts. Done. Did dat. On my wall. Or whatever my Tumblr paged is called. For you.

10 Facts About Myself In Honor of NickiSavage

1 - I cross my legs like a girl and take a lot of shit for it, but I don’t care - it’s the most comfortable way for me to sit

2 - I fall asleep every night watching the Office

3 - My biggest fear is dying alone a bitter old man

4 - Despite my brain telling me otherwise, I can’t help but be completely trusting in the hope that all people are good (until they fuck me over some way, and then fuck them)

5 - I love getting lost in my own thoughts while looking at the stars

6 - I tell people I’m 6’1”, but I’m really 6’ (maybe even a hair shorter) - I just look an inch taller wearing boots

7 - My dream car is a 1969 Corvette Stingray in black

8 - Sometimes, I find a small comfort in occasionally being sad and depressed

9 - Despite how horrible and calorie ridden they are, I absolutely love Little Debbie iced honey buns

10 - NickiSavage is my best friend